At Barefoot press



to BRING YOU the most eco-friendly printed collateral at prices everyone can afford. 

All of our products are printed on 100% recycled paper: our standard paper is 100% post consumer fiber and processed chlorine-free, and our French Paper upgrades come from an off-grid mill powered by on-site hydro generators. Our offset inks are soy based, our pressroom chemistry is low-VOC and water-miscible, and our production process produces no wastewater. Our printing plates are completely process-free - no processors, no developers - utilizing high tech laser imaging devices to produce top-quality, 200 line screen, recyclable aluminum plates. Everything that can be recycled is, and everything that can be reused is reused. Our plant is housed in a recycled industrial building upfit with energy-efficient appliances, lighting and materials. A percentage of our profits are donated to conservation non-profits and our energy use is offset with renewable energy credits.

We've been printing green since 1987, so we know how to produce award-winning quality on uncoated recycled papers. Can you find a cheaper business card on the internet? Undoubtedly. But we guarantee you won't find a cleaner, greener, more beautiful one.