How long does it take to receive my order?

Once we receive your final art, we will produce your order within 7 days. Transit times vary depending on your location. You will receive an email notifying you of shipment that contains a tracking number.

Is there an option to expedite my order?

Of course. Expedited turnaround is available so please contact a team member to discuss options.

Who is your shipper?

To keep costs reasonable, we use either UPS or the Postal Service, depending on which method is most economical.

How do I get you my files?

You will receive an email immediately after you submit your payment with a link to upload your print file.

What type of files do you accept?

We accept high-resolution CMYK PDF files with bleeds and crop marks. These are best generated from files created in Adobe InDesign, Quark Xpress, or Illustrator.

How do I set my bleeds?

 Bleeds should be pulled out 1/8” past the crop marks in your file. If you have any further file prep questions, email them to We'll be glad to help.

What if I don't know how to create my file?

We can help you with artwork. You should discuss this with a team member. Additional charges will apply, and we can estimate these once we get an idea of what we need to do for you.

Can I print in spot colors?

Only our envelopes are spot color. All other products are CMYK (4 color process). Most spot colors will convert reasonably well to CMYK, but some do not. The Pantone color bridge is an invaluable tool for seeing how a spot color converts.

Are hard copy proofs available?

Because we print on uncoated, 100% recycled papers, and hard copy proofs are most accurate on glossy papers, there is little point in buying a hard proof. Some color shifts are to be expected from what you see on your screen.

My piece has been printed in the past. Will it match?

It is critical that you send us a sample if you want a match. With your sample, we should be able to obtain a reasonably good match, assuming your sample was printed by us, from the same file. Please note this on your order so that a team member can contact you to discuss details.

What if I don't like my cards once I receive them?

We guarantee to faithfully reproduce your artwork to internationally recognized Gracol standards. We will reprint your job if there has been an error generated in our process. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction, so please talk to a team member to discuss any concerns.

I don't see what I want on your site.

We are a full service commercial printer and can produce most anything you like. This site was intended to address only the most common products. We're happy to quote other custom projects.

Do you only use 100% post-consumer paper?

We can quote any papers that you specify through the custom quote link.

What about “tree-free” paper?

Our paper is tree-free in the sense that no trees are used to produce 100% post-consumer fiber. However, it does contain wood pulp that was previously used. Commercially available alternative fiber papers may be available from our suppliers. Please inquire through our custom quote link.

I want glossy paper.

The most economical gloss paper available to us is only 30% recycled. This is available through the custom quote link. This site was intended to offer only “no-compromise” eco-friendly printing.

But everyone uses glossy paper.

It's a great choice if you want to blend in with the crowd.

My printer says my brochure is “recyclable.” Isn't that green enough?

All paper is recyclable. If you want your marketing materials to be eco-friendly, the only meaningful paper choice is 100% post-consumer recycled fiber produced chlorine-free, either offset printed using soy inks and water-miscible, low VOC pressroom chemistry, or printed on our digital presses using non-toxic dry inks. A waste-water free, direct-to-plate process is important too.

Besides printing on recycled papers with soy ink, what do you do to be a “green printer?”

Our philosophy permeates every aspect of our operation. See our parent site for more detail.

Why aren't you guys FSC certified?

The Forest Stewardship Council is an organization that independently verifies that tree farms are operated responsibly. In the paper industry, they also certify that mills are not using old-growth timber in their non-recycled papers. We applaud their work, but don't feel that it does enough to address the overwhelming issues surrounding paper use in this country. Since this site offers only 100% recycled papers, certifying the source of virgin fiber content is irrelevant. Also, FSC certification is an expensive annual cost that does nothing to change our business model, or our practices.

But I want a logo on my brochure that show my eco-cred!

Our green printing seal is a free option. When you check the box on your order, we will send a placeholder graphic so that you can choose where you want it on your artwork. We will drop in the high-res graphic before we print.

Are you a Union shop?

Yes, we support small businesses and working-class people, so we are a member of the Graphic Communication Council. If you'd like a Union label on your piece, just check the box on your order. We will send a placeholder graphic so that you can choose where you want it on your artwork. Our prepress team will drop in the high-res graphic before we print.

You don't seem like “corporate” types.

Small businesses employ roughly 80% of the workforce in this country, and tend to operate more ethically than huge, multi-national corporations. Independent business owners are free to make choices about things like green printing without having to justify it to a board that is only interested in quarterly earnings. We have been helping small businesses promote their products and services since 1987.

What makes you guys the experts?

We aren't some random commercial printer that recognized the marketing value of green a few years ago and built a website. We started Barefoot Press in 1987 with a mission to promote recycled papers, and push the industry to become more eco-friendly while creating healthier work environments. Things have come a long way. We have a depth of knowledge that is the result of decades of experience.